GrooveGrid – a music game

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A whole band at your finger tips
Whether on the big stage or with headphones in the train. Just fire up GrooveGrid and you have your personal band at your disposal.

No need to be a musician
The interactive tracks that come with GrooveGrid are composed in a way that no matter how you (re)combine their parts, it will always sound just right. Simply move the instruments around and listen to what happens.

Let your creativity flow
We put great effort in designing an interface that will never distract you from the main thing: playing your music.

High-Quality sound
When it comes to sound-quality we make no compromise. All tracks are recorded by professionals with high-quality equipment and provided to you in CD-quality.

More interactive tracks to come
GrooveGrid ships with the interactive Track “ignition!”. But this is just the beginning. We will be providing more interactive Tracks soon. Covering a wide variety of musical styles and tastes.

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Watch GrooveGrid in action

Groove Grid on Google Play

GrooveGrid – the interactive music game for Android.